Bullshit-free, certified deliverables.

We guarantee client satisfaction. We invite scrutiny against every piece of advice we deliver, at every step of our advising process. When ambiguity and uncertainty exist, we openly acknowledge that they do. As a matter of practice, we question our own recommendations and explain why they are best relative to the alternatives.

Kaizen and Iteration

Most companies stagnate or fall into spirals of inactivity caused by complacence and ambivalence. Our approach is to favor action over inaction in the majority of cases: get moving, now, and, with the benefits of learnings, perfect resources and approaches later. Our belief is that every resource can and should improve all the time, across a number of dimensions.

Balance Speed+Smarts

Moving fast doesn’t have to mean moving sloppily. We insist that it is possible to execute at hyper-speed while still developing science-based resources and documented protocols. End-customers don’t just want solutions, they want them yesterday. Alpha, Beta and Launch initiatives are our fortes and we know how take them from zero to 60 in a few weeks.

Everything in Writing

We question the contribution of business leaders who talk a lot but write nothing. Our policy is to require that at least 75% of our deliverables be in the form of concrete digital assets (text, images, slides, etc.). This policy ensures that learnings and insights live-on beyond the end of our engagement, and also that they spread across teams and organizations that can benefit.

Certified Deliverables

We structure all of our engagements in short-milestone sequences. At each milestone we ask our client to rate our deliverable, and inform us if re-work is needed. If corrective efforts are required, we implement them at no charge to our client. Subsequently, we give our client the option to end or continue the engagement with no termination penalties.